The heart of IP Trade resides in two highly-available, scalable software applications: Turret Proxy Open Line (TPO) and Turret Support Server (TSS). The high-performance, virtualized applications are deployed on customers’ unified computing server infrastructure and integrate with enterprise voice applications to form a single, unified communication and collaboration platform for all users.

Turret Proxy Open Line Server (TPO)


The TPO patented (#8149741) technology provides and manages asymmetrical multi-party calls including conferences, line sharing, barge-in calls and group intercom. All users may take part in multiple TPO calls simultaneously.

Scalability and redundancy

The TPO servers can be set up in hot-standby configurations that maintain the session context and achieve voice path recovery in less than 5 seconds without impacting the call context. A TPO cluster of servers supports up to 3000 full duplex voice streams. Cold stand-by clusters of clusters can be set up guaranteeing a sub 30 seconds convergence time.

Typical use cases for the TPO

The TPO is typically used as a private wires concentrator for ARDs, MRDs or SIP ringdown, an internal hoot and holler or toll bypass system giving access to all users and all locally terminated private wires from anywhere in the institution’s network. The TPO is also a full featured intercom bridge and can be used for this specific feature alone or along with all other features.

Proxy functionality

The TPO DDI sharing capability allows it to add features required on trading floors to non IP Trade end points (phones) or to PBX’s that would only provide dial tone and basic features to IP Trade turrets. This includes private wire access, multi-party calls and the IP Trade Mobile Trader application.

Installation requirements

the TPO application runs in a Windows 2012 environment, on dedicated servers, on VMWare virtualized environments. The TPO application has been granted a Cisco UCS certification and can be delivered as an OVA as well.

Working as the turret system feature controller, TPO delivers dynamic conferencing capabilities and unique communication features, functions, and workflows.

These attributes, critical to the success of financial traders, include:
  • Non-blocking trunking
  • Multiple, simultaneous talk path support
  • Shared one-touch connections and speed-dial directories
  • Expanded Barge-In and ad hoc conferencing
  • Hoot n Holler
  • Intercom
  • Voice recording integration

The TPO is recognized as a native SIP device on enterprise voice applications. Virtually all features and applications available to IP phone users are automatically extended to turret users. All users share lines and show presence no matter what device they use. The TPO application can be installed on the customer’s own server systems.

Turret Support Server (TSS)

The TSS is a web-based management and database application. As an Internet-enabled application, TSS delivers remote systems configuration and management while also acting as a central repository for user profiles and systems data, and enabling secure user authentication. TSS is also a gateway to other enterprise information systems and applications that may be integrated into the trading floor environment. TSS can be installed on the customer’s own server systems.


Voice Recording

Voice Recording

IP Trade is compliant with most Voice Recording vendors (12). We provide active voice recording, dual streaming to backup and redundant servers, and replay on turret systems, for the vast majority of voice recording vendors: IPT_Recording_Logos


IP Trade is compatible with the most recent versions of Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft and Asterisk.IPT_PBX_Logos