IP Trade iQ is a powerful business intelligence tool that transforms trading communications information into business insight. IP Trade iQ can increase the productivity and efficiency of trading teams, automate and inform system management for IT teams and provide vital data and insight for business managers.

The application, part of IP Trade’s system management suite, automatically captures activity and presents it in easy-to-understand formats that can be customized for trading professionals as well as technology, compliance and business managers.

IP Trade iQ offers standard or customized reporting and analysis of trading application capacity, usage and performance for individual users, groups, sites or regions. IP Trade iQ enables fine-grained reporting and analysis of trading communications activity, highlighting activity of individuals, groups and trader voice lines, enhancing measurement, reporting and resource allocation for your trading business.



Key Features

  • View data in charts, graphs or raw data grids
  • Create, save and schedule custom reports
  • Analyze and report on enterprise metrics
  • Drill down into report data for additional detail
  • Export raw data to enterprise applications (CSV, PDF, XLS)


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