IP Trade unifies financial trading communications

IP Trade unifies financial trading communications by combining advanced VoIP and IP software applications with state-of-the-art, proven hardware.

Ultra-reliable communications software, deployed in concert with enterprise voice platforms, simplifies trading floor communications by combining advanced telephony, turret, and unified IP and VoIP communications architecture into a single, scalable, and highly flexible solution.

IP Trade applications can reside anywhere on the customer data center and network environment as an extension to enterprise voice platforms. Integration with audio / video conferencing, presence, and messaging enables users to easily identify who is available, and contact them no matter where they are located or what device they use.

Because IP Trade has been developed using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), a standards-based software architecture, it is easily extended to multiple telecom and communications technologies, as well as databases including CRM applications. IP Trade provides a wide range of Turret, Mobility, Middle & Back Office, and Infrastructure solutions to help traders meet daily challenges.



T4 and T4M

This range of touch-sensitive IP Trade turrets increases trading performance by unifying vital voice communications and information. IP-driven turret devices centralize voice, data, and video in a single solution.


T4 Flex

T4 Flex Soft Trading Turret Application offers trading professionals a comprehensive, streamlined trading turret communications experience on any Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 device, to maximize flexibility and productivity.


Trade Anywhere

Wherever you want to trade and communicate, an IP Trade compliant solution has been developed to meet the challenge.

Middle & Back Office


ICOM for Cisco

ICOM for Cisco is an application that bridges group intercom between turrets and Cisco 7941 and 9971 phones.


IP Trade TPO

Turret Proxy Open Line Server (TPO)

IP Trade TSS

Turret Support Server (TSS)

Voice Recording

Voice Recording